Hello, my name is Corey Bishop. I am your local banker, having mainly worked in Bank Operations and fraud investigations with a local bank since 2015. This is my full time work, but I love web design just as much. The best part about web design, is there is no right or wrong way of designing, each is unique and fits it’s purpose accordingly as the one who requests a website. I truly enjoy what I get to do with web design, and I hope that will show through as we get to work together on a project.

I trusted Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour at the age of 12 years old. I was born in 1991, the son of a loving mother who was a nurse, and a father, Chief Petty Officer in the US Navy. I went to church with friends growing up. I attended Vacation Bible School and memorized John 3:16, but never quite got a grasp that I was a sinner in need of a Saviour. 

I had a grandmother who took me to Calvary Baptist Church in Monticello, FL, where I trusted Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour in 2004 under the ministry of Dr. David Walker. I began attending church camps in 2005 and soon after was baptized that same year. I made it my goal when I got a driver’s license in 2008 to attend church every time the doors were opened. The Lord began working in my life through the King James Bible, which I now came to understand as “given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:” (2 Tim 3:16). 

On June 10, 2008, the Lord called me to preach at a church camp in Dayton, TN. After graduating high school in 2010, I didn’t know what the Lord wanted me to do. I knew I wasn’t ready to be in a ministry. The Lord still had me at Calvary Baptist Church and I was working on websites constantly. I began working as a 911 emergency dispatcher for the local sheriff’s office and was attempting to receive my associates in Criminal Justice. Over halfway through that degree, I felt no satisfaction. I looked at the dispatcher position and noticed I was missing a lot of church, and sleeping through it when I was there!

After seeking wise counsel, I knew I didn’t want to be in this line of work for the future, or I could be missing quite a bit of church, which I knew wasn’t the Lord’s will for me if I was called to preach. I enrolled in The Bible Doctrine Institute for correspondence learning. I quickly realized this was not my best method of learning, and opted instead to attend Pensacola Bible Institute, graduating with my Bachelor of Divinity in 2015.

Since that time, the Lord has given me a wife and allowed me the blessing to start a family in Joplin, MO. I attend Bible Believers Baptist Church in Joplin, MO under Pastor Bradley Friesen, handling the website, music and nursing home ministries.

It is my hope and prayer that I could assist in your website, too!