Initial Setup: $400.00

The initial setup fee is $400.00. This provides you with a domain name (yoursite.com, .org, .church. Whichever you would like), hosting and as many email addresses as you would like. We also offer optional services like cloud storage for church files. If there is a specific feature or service you would like, please ask, it may be possible!

Annual Fee: $200.00

The annual fee is a continual payment to your yearly hosting and domain fees. This is charged annually from the date of enrollment.

Support: $25.00 per hour

Support is provided through requests to make changes to the website. Each month you will receive an invoice with the hours clearly logged to provide transparency. If maintenance is under one hour, the number will be rounded to the nearest hour (Example: 2 hours 25 minutes = 2 hours @ $50 on an invoice. 7 hours and 39 minutes = 8 hours and $200 on an invoice).